Let’s talk organization

Like the fact that I have none. I’m one of those people that can’t seem to pick a project. If I have one then the next one is already forming in my mind.

I’m sure it’s just the life of a creator, but I wish I could find a more productive way to organize my thoughts. That should be my half-way through the year resolution. Organization. Sounds like a nice thought doesn’t it?

Anyways, lets talk about some of those projects. Maybe listing them will show some semblance of organization.

  1. Bargello Quilt

I need to finish connecting all of these strips and then quilt and bind


  1. Growth Chart

Trace and finish the painting for my daughters growth stick – by the way if you are interested there is going to be a tutorial soon.


  1. Deer signs

Trace deer and paint signs for my daughters room

  1. Painting

Actual productive painting of my daughters room

  1. Headbands and hairbows

I need to be creating for my business and I think some sweet simple and fun hair bows and headbands would be a nice addition – a tutorial is also coming for this so stay tuned.

  1. Bear Claw quilt

I need to quilt and bind the bear claw quilt

  1. Wine bottles

I need to find some fun things to do with all these dang wine bottles


So, now that I have a list it’s time to actually get my butt in gear and focus.

Anyone out there have any tips to help me through this?

Until next time.


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