Half Square Triangle Quilting Tutorial

Welcome to the first tutorial of my new blog. I figured I would start off slow and with something I know like the back of my hand. This leaves me with quilting and half square triangles.

This tutorial is going to show you how to make half square triangles in a way that leaves you with 2.

Now, I’m not going to give specific measurments because depending the size you cut is the size you will get in the end so I will insert a chart at the end of this post so you can get an idea of what size squares you need to cut.

So lets get into the tutorial:

First you are going to need to cut 2 squares of the same size but in 2 different colors or patterns


Then on your lighter color draw a line connecting the corners as the picture shows below.


Now you are simply going to sew down one side of the line a quarter inch away and then turn it right on around and sew down the other side of the line once again a quarter inch away.


Now cut it apart – cut on the line


This will leave you with 2 half square triangles and all you have to do is press and trim to the size you want.


You can make so many different quilts using this technique, and if you are comfortable enough to chain piece you can pop out A LOT of these in a short period of time.

As promised here is this handy little chart which I found on google image search, but more specifically links me back to this website: OP Quilt


Here are some things I’ve created using half square triangles.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Until next time


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