Home is where the art is

This past year has been a bit hard in the financial department, this is what caused the move away from the home I have always known to this new foreign place. We couldn’t have gotten more opposite if we tried. We went from big cities and fast paced moving surrounded by mountains to small town farm fields. Where the living is more simple and if you want to do something you plan a weekend because the towns are an hour or more away.

I love the simplicity of it, but it just doesn’t fit. I’m like an extra piece in an already finished puzzle.

Since I got here, I have felt welcomed and comfortable, surrounded by new family and new friends but it just hasn’t felt like home.

I’ve been a little lost in a daze, moving through the days and doing what needs to be done. Living, but not quite the same.

I started to take on projects, keep my mind busy. I slowly started to notice I was starting to feel more and more comfortable. More and more like my old self. More and more like I wasn’t lost and maybe this place could potentially be home.

These projects were starting to fill up the walls and with each one I put a little piece of my heart into it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is home is where the art is.

Hopefully my love for this place will grow, hopefully the wide flat fields will start to hold meaning in my heart like the mountains used to.


I’m sure it will but for now the art is going to have to be my sanctuary.


Until next time.


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