Bargello Quilt Tutorial +Video

About a year ago I did a video tutorial on how to make a bargello quilt, it was quite a popular tutorial and I still to this day get quite a few questions about it. So in honor of it’s year anniversary I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about it so all the instructions would be written while also giving you guys a place to visually watch it as well.

If you would like to see the video tutorial the link is at the bottom of the post.

So lets dive into it. For this specific quilt you will need:

2 jelly rolls – a total of 84 strips
Sewing machine

The first thing you are going to do after you open up your packets of fabric is sort them into a color scheme. You can pick any design you want, however realize that if you place very dark colors next to very dark colors they may get lost.

You may also want to be aware that fabrics with large scale patterns probably aren’t going to be the best pick. This is because the design will get lost since the cuts we will be making are generally pretty small.


After you get your colors all placed how you want them you are going to sew your strips together using your quarter inch seam allowance. You will do this twice. Meaning you will take 1 jelly roll, sort, sew and then take the second jelly roll sort and sew. Leaving you with 2 separate strip sets.

Now lets talk about pressing seams on these strip sets. I recommend to alternate pressing your seams. This will make sure you can nest your seams together really well and easily in the next sewing process.


Now we will take our strips sets and sew them into tubes. To do this take one strip set and sew the first strip to the last strip *right sides together. This will leave you with 2 tubes that you will now take to the cutting mat.

Take one set at a time, square off your edge and start cutting in the following pattern. (Or slightly modify it to what you are comfortable with)

1″,  1.25″,  1.5″,  1.75″,  2″,  2.25″,  2.5″,  2.75″,  3″,  2.75″,  2.5″,  2.25″,  2″,  1.75″,  1.5″,  1.25″,  1″ . . .

Continue this until you cannot cut anymore. Then where ever you left off on your first strip is where you will begin on your second. For example if your last 2 cuts on your first strip set was 2″ and 2.25″ you would begin on your second set with 2.5″

If you are not comfortable cutting strips as small as 1″ (because remember there will still be a .25″ seam on each side making your finished piece .5″) then simply modify the cutting instructions to what you are comfortable with.


Now is when the real magic starts to happen. Keeping your cut tubes in order pick a color that will be color A. For example, I picked the purple to be my color A. So rip out the seam at the top of your color A and open your tube.

Color A

Strip 2 – Open at bottom of color A, which is the top of color B
Strip 3 – Open at bottom of color B, which is the top of color C
Strip 4 – Open at the top of color D.
Continue in this way until you have opened all of your tube strips.

Open strips

Now you will take all of your strips in order and sew them together to get your quilt top.

This was my finished quilt top.


For the video tutorial you can simply click here

Until next time


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